MTSS 7-G: Mega Churches, Is A College Degree Worth It?, Rachel Canning

Episode 8

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Monty Mont
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A lover of music from a young age, Monty started with playing drums in church. His grandmother saw more music abilities in him and got him piano lessons. And the rest as they say is history. A lover of just about every genre of music, Mont’s diverse upbringing and experiences has allowed him to discuss a wide range of topics including: songwriting, production, and composing

Join us this week on the My-T-Sharp Show as Lamont and the panel talk about the pros and cons of mega churches and what it means for the body of Christ. The show transitions into the current events segment to discuss the value of a college degree and what it means in the workforce in this day and age. Then we tackle the lawsuit involving New Jersey teenager Rachel Canning against her parents. Check it out!

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Episode 8